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Show recent purchases in an ethical way to build trust with your customers

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Conversions Shown

Your Benefits As a Customer

See That Others Buy From a Trustworthy Seller

Real sales by real people from real sellers.

All sellers are verified by me and considered trustworthy. I don't accept anybody.

Sales are directly extracted from the payment processor. They can't be changed by the seller.

No pushy sales-psychology to trick you into buying.

No Tracking. UsersTrust does NOT track you ever.

Your Benefits As a Seller

Build Trust and Improve Your Conversion Rate in an Ethical Way

Improve conversions with an ethical nudge.

Build trust by showing other people buy from you.

Show what your customers buy to increase cross-sells.

Integrates with your payment provider or reseller (Paddle only atm).

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About UsersTrust

And Why You Should Care

UsersTrust is run by me, Jens, a software developer, mindfulness coach, father, and I run several sites and apps. While I love helping people and building stuff, selling isn't easy for me, mainly because I want to sell in an ethical and trustworthy way.

There are tons of shady tactics, and yes, they do work, but they are not my thing. I don't want to dance with the devil just to earn my living. That's not my style.

For the same reason, I love privacy and despise companies selling their user's and customers' private data.

So, I came up with a new solution to use ethical psychology to build trust with customers and increase conversion at the same time. I firmly believe it's a win-win-win situation for the customers, the sellers, and me.